Isaac’s Birth Story

19 January | 1830

I realised I was having that familiar dull lower backache while resting on Daddy’s recliner and alarm bells went off in my head, Could this be it? I decided to go shower first, you know, just in case.

19 January | 1900

Post shower, and after what seemed like endless calls of “should I, should I not” to the Hubs, we decided that it was in the best interest of baby and I if I headed to KKH just to check it out. My gut feel told me that this was it, even though part of me didn’t want to deliver so soon! It was a real bittersweet moment for me. On one hand, I was heartbroken because Valerie would not have all of my attention anymore, yet excited for her to be promoted to the position of BIG SISTER! I was emotional, and kept hugging and kissing her before leaving with Mummy for the hospital.

19 January | 2000

After dinner, we Grab Hitched down to KKH and I checked myself into the Delivery Suite to be monitored.

19 January | 2230

There was a lack of Gynaes on duty at the Delivery Suite because it was a Friday night. I waited for a good two hours or more, before the Gynae on call came by to check on me. As usual, a VE was performed and guess what – 2cm dilated, which is only 1cm away from active labour! I was given a choice. One, to go home and continue the waiting game; or two, to be admitted and wait for labour to begin. I chose the latter, and was wheeled up to the Ward to spend the night.

20 January | 0750

Another VE was conducted during the morning Ward rounds and… 3cm!!! Labour was progressing,

20 January | 0835

Contractions started and a CTG was set up to monitor the frequency of my contractions. They were irregular then, but uncomfortable nonetheless. And if I learnt anything from my first labour experience, it was to have my epidural put in before my waterbag burst! So… I did just that and requested for my epidural when I was only 3cm dilated. However, I was told that the epidural could only be administered in the Delivery Suite as it was considered a surgical procedure, but the Delivery Suite was… “TERRIBLY FULL”. One nurse even told me that I had to labour in the Ward, and then get sent down when the pain got “UNBEARABLE” as an “emergency case”. You kidding me?!? Fortunately, I had the cutest little visitor who made the pain and anxiety dissipate for just a little bit.


20 January | 1450

There was finally a room available in the Delivery Suite so I was wheeled down. Got gowned up and waited for my midwife.

20 January | 1545

Was IV-ed by then. The horrendous epidural procedure also began. I was looking forward to the pain-free labour that my epidural promised, but I will always and forever hate the process. Thank God the anaesthetist allowed Hubs to stay with me (some don’t – we were fortunate in that sense), because I was so scared I was drenched in cold sweat even before I was injected. The pain from this (you’re injected into your spinal cord, hello) and the numbing sensation I felt thereafter was something I hadn’t felt when I was giving birth to my firstborn. Maybe I was too far along when I had my epidural administered back in 2016, but this time, the pain was INTENSE and I had PAINFUL PINS AND NEEDLES from my butt all the way down to my feet for 5 hours straight. It was nothing short of terrifying, no kidding. I wasn’t in pain, thanks to the anaesthesia, but I was in constant discomfort!

20 January | 1730

Surgical induction of labour, or more commonly understood as the manual breaking of water bag (amniotic sac). Didn’t feel anything because of my choice of pain relief.

20 January | 1915

We were told that my contractions were really irregular, and that was what was causing labour to progress so slowly. Too slowly, in fact, as I had been stuck at 3cm for a good 12 hours! The Gynae then administered a drug intravenously to improve and strengthen my contractions.

20 January | 2120

VE showed that I was 8cm dilated!!!

20 January | 2150

9cm dilated. As this was my second delivery, I could start pushing at 9cm instead of the full 10cm. So I began to push…

20 January | 2159

And Isaac David was out within 3 pushes!

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-20 at 10.34.13 PM

Birth Date: 20 January 2018
Birth Time: 2159

Weight: 3.338kg
Length: 49cm
Head: 33cm

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