Valerie’s Birth Story

31 March | 0945

I happened to have an appointment at KKH with Dr Theresa and Mummy and I were late! Saw the bus arriving when we were crossing the road and we increased our walking speed in a bid to catch the bus. It was after I widened my strides that I felt intense pain in my pelvic area.

31 March | 1000

We alighted at the bus stop opposite KKH as per usual. The pain was intensifying as I crossed the road to the hospital. Got Mummy to wheel me up to Clinic G in a wheelchair as I no longer could walk without grimacing in pain or stopping every few minutes. Still went ahead with my usual consult with Dr Theresa, but she recommended I get checked out at the Delivery Suite since I was at the hospital already. And so I did.

31 March | 1050

Registered myself at the Delivery Suite. CTG scan showed irregular contractions. Baby’s heartbeat was strong and responsive. VE showed that I was still dilated only 1cm. Was also made to do a comprehensive ultrasound and results were great – baby was at 3.298kg and water level was good too. All looked normal.

31 March | 1300

Gynae reviewed my case notes and recommended inducing labour for two main reasons. One, I was already at 38 weeks, in a lot of pain and couldn’t walk without assistance. Two, baby was at a very good weight of 3.298kg. The plan was that induction would be done at 6pm. I was admitted to the hospital at 2pm.

31 March | 1845

Was wheeled down from the Ward to the Delivery Suite for induction of labour to commence. Before bidding goodbye to Mummy, she kissed the top of my head and told me to be brave and that the next time we see each other I’d be a Mummy myself! Hearing that completely overwhelmed me and I thought to myself: THIS IS IT.

31 March | 1900

As per usual KKH Delivery Suite Triage protocol, I was strapped to the CTG machine to monitor contractions as well as to track the baby’s heartbeat.

31 March | 1945

The first tablet to induce labour was inserted into my cervix. Was still only 1cm dilated when this happened. Lay in the Delivery Suite to be monitored for another 3 hours to see if my contractions would intensify and put me into active labour. But nope, nothing happened. Still 1cm dilated after 3 hours.

31 March | 2245

I was wheeled back to the Ward to rest before the second tablet was due to be inserted at 2am later that night.

1 April | 1200

I finally fell asleep at midnight but was awoken only after a measly 45 minutes of rest by noises in the Ward. Soon after that, a midwife came to my bedside and strapped me to yet another CTG machine to monitor my contractions.

1 April | 0250

Was wheeled back down to the Delivery Suite for the insertion of the second tablet since I showed no progress in the past 6 hours. But this time round, I was not placed in Triage but was wheeled straight to the Labour Ward!

1 April | 0350

VE showed that I was still dilated 1cm. Waterbag was also still intact. The second tablet was inserted into my cervix. Was monitored for the next 2 hours and the Gynae even told me that if there was no progress in my labour after the third tablet was inserted, I would have to go for a Caesarean. That was scary news because I really wanted to deliver naturally!

1 April | 0500

VE showed slight improvement and I was now dilated 2cm. An IV drip was put in to ensure I was well hydrated. Back contractions intensified so much more, and I even experienced back spasms. It was bad. My contractions were apparently so close together that the baby’s heartbeat dropped as the contractions were too intense to handle. Was a critical moment for awhile, but thankfully, lying on my left helped to ease the contractions, and thus prevented further distress to the baby.

1 April | 0620

Finally rested for a bit. That hour of deep sleep felt amazing. Woke up with a slight fever, though, but it was probably from the chill of the room. It was set up like an Operating Theatre!

1 April | 0815

VE showed that I was still dilated only 2cm. Gynae told us that the plan would be to manually break my waterbag and start epidural at 10am. Hubs and I agreed.

1 April | 1000

No advancement in labour as I was still dilated only 2cm. My waterbag was manually broken by the Gynae. Pretty uncomfortable, but it was bearable. The breaking of my waterbag kick started the labour process. My contractions intensified so much and I barely survived 45 minutes of extremely painful contractions while waiting for the anesthetist to administer the pain relief of my choice – epidural. Contractions were about 2 minutes apart during this time.

1 April | 1045

A urine catheter was inserted. And the anesthetist finally arrived with my lifesaver in the form of epidural! It was honestly so so difficult to stay absolutely still during the procedure as my uterus was contracting every minute or so. Really thankful for a kind midwife who was reassuring and comforting. I was terrified and trembling to be doing this alone as Hubs had to leave the room as per hospital policy but she calmed me down.

1 April | 1150

VE which was done revealed that I was dilated the full 10cm! We couldn’t believe it. I was still only at 2cm at 10am. That means I dilated 8cm within 2 hours?!? The final waiting game began – just that this time I was waiting for the sensation to push.

1 April | 1250

I mentally prepared myself for the labour I had to do to deliver Valerie into this world. There was so much pressure down below and I was fighting the urge to push. The few minutes before I could start pushing were torturous.

1 April | 1305

I started pushing. Followed the midwife’s instructions to push when the contractions came as I was already numb thanks to the epidural! When a contraction came, I would take a deep lungful of air, and push downwards with all my might. Repeating 3 times, at 10 seconds each.

1 April | 1329

Gave one big final push as her head emerged, and the rest of her body slipped out.

1 April | 1330

And so, Valerie Kate was born!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-11 at 12.00.44 AM

Birth Date: 01 April 2016
Birth Time: 1330

Weight: 3.368kg
Length: 48cm
Head: 35cm

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