Hello From Dayre

So news broke on 9 February that Dayre would be shutting down by the end of the month, leaving its (rather tight-knit) community in the lurch. This decision was faced with a lot of backlash, with one camp of people leaving almost immediately to WeBlogIt, Steller and WordPress (why remain on a sinking ship right); and another camp of people fiercely fighting to save the platform.

I, for one, decided to abandon ship because I’ve kind of had enough of Dayre’s shenanigans. I used that platform almost daily for a year plus (can’t recall the exact months) before leaving due to the lack of privacy options back then. Fast forward to a year later (November 2017), I took the plunge and signed up for Dayre Plus after the cost was reduced substantially from $128/year (ridiculous) to $50/year. I love the community and friends I’ve made through Dayre, but the main reason I’m leaving is because Dayre didn’t want me (us) first. It’s like being in a one-sided relationship. So yup. Goodbye Dayre, hello WordPress!

(I’ve had my own dotcom for about 6 years now since 31 March 2012, but I previously hosted this site on Blogspot.)

Anyway, I’m writing about this today because I found a way to find all the ex-Dayreans! Thanks to one Dayrean who gave us the link to this site.

Wow kudos to whoever made this tool! I can’t use it because all my Dayre posts are private, but it sure works for everyone else and I’m really happy everyone can keep their memories intact!!! Also, I realised that each post that’s exported from Dayre using the above website is automatically tagged dayre-exported.

And so hello fellow Dayreans, we meet again.

Edit: Do turn off email notifications as many Dayreans are in the queue to export all their posts (many are in the thousands because y’know – 365 days a year), and you do not want to be spammed. (Because I was, and the cleanup isn’t fun haha.)

Author: joannaerin

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Friend.

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